Mimaki Software

Software RIP


It is meaningless if high performance software would be hard to use ... The new RasterLink6 is focused on being simple and usable.

With its many new functions, “Software RIP for Everybody” has been achieved and provides for more professional and advanced finished products through its universal ease of use.

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RasterLink6 PLUS

Newly developed [RasterLink6Plus] is equipped with more useful and advanced functions ! [ID Cut] for consecutive cutting and [Braille print] for an easy print in braille etc.

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TxLink3 supports the RGB color model and raster images, which are widely used in digital textile printing. In addition, useful function modules, including color replacement, step, and repeated pattern creation are also provided.

Multicolor profile creation allows printing using spot colors and delivers a wider color gamut and higher color reproducibility compared with four-color process printing.

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Color Management


Always reproduce the same colors The Master of Color Management. A colorimeter helps to achieve consistent print quality on different media and with different printers. Mimaki Profile Master II maximizes printer performance.

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Mimaki Profile Master 3

Mimaki Profile Master 3 (MPM3) color-management software enable users to reproduce equivalent colors when printing on different types of media with the same printer unit or when printing with different printer models and inks, without the need for any special knowledge.

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Mimaki Target Color Emulator

MTCE comes with an input/output emulation profile creation software and a colorimeter, allowing Mimaki inkjet printers to reproduce the equivalent colors printed by other printers.

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