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Non-Adhesive Perforated Window Film

The Gans NAWP 70/30 is a Window Perf designed to expand the functionality and capabilities of window signage. It is uniquely suited for application inside of buildings with the image facing out, without the need of multiple layer printing. Now second floor and even entire buildings can have window perf without the need of a cherry picker for installation.

NAWPNon-Adhesive One-Way Window Film75′ & 150’54”


Easy on/Easy off; this static cling product is easy to apply on any window surface. The high white point offers full color gamut, and vivid prints. It has a high quality paper liner for easy contour cutting and release.

WSC55 Mil White Static Cling100’ 50”


Our perforated vinyl is available in various patterns, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40, and 50/50.

The first number listed is for the percentage of print area and the second number listed is the percentage of holes. 60/40 would mean 60% vinyl, 40% holes. 80/20 will create better print images while 50/50 allows for improved outside viewing

The 80/20 and 70/30 patterns allow for maximum print surface, ideal for exterior mount window graphics that require small detail and text. The 60/40 pattern is a universal size, used for vehicles or other storefront advertising that allows more light to shine through. The 50/50 pattern allows for better outside viewing. We also have a 60/40 perforated Vinyl with a holographic finish. The clear adhesive is removable up to 1 year.  All perforated window vinyls are dual-liner and are compatible with UV printers as well as Solvent/Eco-Solvent & Latex Printers.  Our Holographic Window Perf comes in a single liner version (great for Solvent/Eco-Solvent & Latex Printers) and a dual liner version (suitable for UV Printers as well as Solvent/Eco-Solvent & Latex Printers.)

PWUV802080/20 Perforated Window Vinyl164′54″
PWUV703070/30 Perforated Window Vinyl164’54” and 60”
PWUV604060/40 Perforated Window Vinyl164’54” and 60”
PWUV505050/50 Perforated Window Vinyl164’54” and 60”
HWPV6040Holographic Perforated Window Vinyl (SINGLE LINER)150’50”
HWPV6040-60Holographic Perforated Window Vinyl (DUAL LINER-Perfect for UV Printers)164′60


Gans iDot is a 4mil printable film (available as Glossy White or Matte Clear) that utilizes Micro-Bead adhesive technology creating a truly reusable, repositionable, and removable bubble-free product. This cost effective and hassle-free material will prove to be an impressive addition to your line of adhesive materials. Compatible with Solvent/Eco-Solvent, Latex, and UV.

IDOTGiDot: 4 Mil White Gloss Mini Dot Adhesive Film82′ and 164′54"
IDOTCiDot: 4 Mil Matte Clear Mini Dot Adhesive Film82′ and 164′ 54″
See iDot in action!


Our clear vinyl with a pre-printed pattern of clear holes within a white background is sure to make an impression! With superior image quality while still allowing light to show through, this material is a great alternative to normal perforated vinyl where print detail is of utmost importance.

PWVCIRPrinted Circles Faux Perf164’ 54”