SRT 10-Year Cast Car Wrap Vinyl

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Gans' Brand-New SRT Car Wrap Vinyl -- The industry's ONLY true 10-year Cast Vinyl! Our 2Mil Gloss Print Vinyl carries, unprinted, a 10-year outdoor durability rating. Truly second to none!

Gans has developed our SRT Car Wrap with "Slide-Rite Technology". It's some of the most innovated tech in the print and wrap industry. Just enough tack for the vinyl to adhere to a surface, but with plenty of slideability to make installation a breeze. Not to mention the ultimate stretchability of the vinyl and laminate -- it makes installation on complex curves a breeze!

We're confident that once you try our SRT Wrap Kits, you won't want to turn back. Give us a call today for your free sample.

And, if you aren't yet convinced, check out some of the innovations and features in detail below...


Check out what our Customers are saying...

“I’ve only used 2 rolls of the Gans SRT so far, but the 5 cars I’ve done have come out great, and were a breeze to install. The stretch is solid, and the initial tack is just right. ” – Fernando A.

“Josh at Gans convinced me to try their new SRT, but I was a bit reluctant. We’ve been using the Arlon SLX for the last couple years and it’s sometimes a pain to go to something new. That said, it was totally worth it. I love Gans’ SRT, and the value is killer.” – Lenny P.

“Been using the SRT for a couple months now, and I think I’ve found my new car wrap kit. I mean, at 900 bucks, for a high quality product … what’s not to like!” – Todd M.