• GANS SUBLIMATION INKS: Gans sublimation inkjet inks deliver color and performance for all cutting-edge dye sublimation applications, whether it is through the traditional transfer process or the new, direct ink jet printing applications. Gans supplies dye sublimation inks for products that range from garments, textiles, custom team wear, gaming tables, tradeshow graphics, POP displays, and even cutting-edge applications such as 3-D dye sublimation.
      – Available:

        1. GI – The original high quality sublimation inks designed forDX3, DX4 and DX5 print heads. Available in a wide range of colors
        2. GII – An addition to the GI line of inks, higher saturation inks in CMYK only to create the richest colors.
        3. GV – A newer ink in CMYK only made for long runs and sampling. Colors brighter than GII inks but have similar saturations.
        4. TFP – Inks specific to DX6 printheads for the best run quality without clogging.
        5. FLO – Flourescent inks in Yellow and Magenta. These inks are black light activated and naturally bright, producing a new and unique color gamut.


    • MIMAKI SUBLIMATION INKS: Gans Ink is proud to provide Mimaki OEM Mimaki inks at a great price. These inks are specifically made for Mimaki printers and print heads and produce excellent color, drying, and transfer off paper.
      – Available:
        1. SB54 – A quick dry, fast transfer ink for thinner paper. Available on JV150/300 series, TS34, TS30 printers.
        2. SB310 – A long run ink meant for large production printers. Available for the TS500 series printers.
        3. SB410 – Inks specific for the TS300 production printer with new Panasonic print heads.
        4. Rc300 – Reactive inks for direct to fabric applications. Available for the TX500 series printers.



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