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UPDATED: November 9, 2018

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Item NumberItem DescriptionSizePriceInk TypeCategory
MAV5N-605 Mil Matte Permanent Adhesive Vinyl60″ x 150′$83.75Latex/UV/ Sol/Eco-SolAdhesive Vinyl
MAV6-506 Mil Aqueous Permanent Adhesive Matte Vinyl50″ x 150′$112.00AqueousAdhesive Vinyl
SBG8-368 Mil Solvent Backlit Gloss Film36″ x 100′$72.50Latex/UV/ Sol/Eco-SolBacklit Film
SBM8-608 Mil Solvent Backlit Matte Film60″ x 100′$205.00Latex/UV/Sol/Eco-SolBacklit Film
AQ15B-607515 Mil Scrim Banner Vinyl60″ x 60′$116.50AqueousBanner
EMB13-38Economic 13 oz. Matte Banner Material 500×50038″ x 150′$55.00Latex/UV/Sol/Eco-SolBanner
EMB13-54Economic 13 oz. Matte Banner Material 500×50054″ x 150′$79.00Latex/UV/Sol/Eco-SolBanner
FR13MBDS-6013oz Two-Sided Smooth Matte Banner FR60″ x 150′$132.50Latex/UV/Sol/Eco-SolBanner
LPBM-607 Mil Latex Poly Banner60″ x 200′$242.00Latex/UVBanner
HBT4-364 Mil Hybrid Textile Banner36″ x 200′$160.00AqueousBanner/Bannerstand/Tradeshow
PET10-3610 Mil Polyester Film36″ x 100′$107.50Latex/UVBannerstand
PET10-5410 Mil Polyester Film54″ x 100′$165.00Latex/UVBannerstand
PET5-365 Mil Polyester Film36″ x 100′$71.00Latex/UVBannerstand
PET5-545 Mil Polyester Film54″ x 100′$105.00Latex/UVBannerstand
PET8-548 Mil Polyester Film54″ x 100′$122.00Latex/UVBannerstand
RUF83-GB-368 Mil Matte Roll-up Film with Grey Back36″ x 100′$65.00Latex/UV, AqueousBannerstand
RUF83-GB-608 Mil Matte Roll-up Film with Grey Back60″ x 100′$107.50Latex/UV, AqueousBannerstand
RUF8-GB-368 Mil Matte Roll-up Film with Grey Back36″ x 100′$65.00Latex/UV, AqueousBannerstand
RUF8-GB-608 Mil Matte Roll-up Film with Grey Back60″ x 100′$107.50Latex/UV, AqueousBannerstand
SSPID-GB-548 Mil Satin Poly Solvent with Grey Back54″ x 100′$92.00Sol/Eco-Sol, UV/Latex, AQBannerstand
SSPID-GB-608 Mil Poly Solvent with Grey Back60″ x 100′$104.50Sol/Eco-Sol, UV/Latex, AQBannerstand
SPID3-368 Mil Satin Poly Instant Dry36″ x 100′$77.00Sol/Eco-Sol, UV/Latex, AQBannerstand/Photo Paper
SPID3-608 Mil Satin Poly Instant Dry60″ x 100′$128.50Sol/Eco-Sol, UV/Latex, AQBannerstand/Photo Paper
FABHD-30HD Display Fabric30″ x 100′$87.00Latex/UV, Sol/Eco-SolBannerstand/Tradeshow
FABHD-54HD Display Fabric54″ x 100′$147.00Latex/UV, Sol/Eco-SolBannerstand/Tradeshow
FABHD-60HD Display Fabric60″ x 100′$162.00Latex/UV, Sol/Eco-SolBannerstand/Tradeshow
CFE-365 Mil Clear Film36″ x 100′$72.00AqueousClear Film
CP1-36Contract PRF1 Semi-Gloss Paper36″ x 100′$133.75AqueousContract Paper
CP1-44Contract PRF1 Semi-Gloss Paper44″ x 100′$175.00AqueousContract Paper
CP3-36Contract PRF3 Semi-Gloss Paper36″ x 100′$133.75AqueousContract Paper
GPID8-608 Mil Glossy Instant Multipurpose Film60″ x 100′$122.50AqueousMultipurpose Film
GWF5-605 Mil Gloss White Film60″ x 100′$152.50AqueousMultipurpose Film
MPID-362Matte Polypro Water Resistant36″ x 200″$86.00AqueousMultipurpose Film
MPID-44Matte Polypro Water Resistant44″ x 100′$81.25AqueousMultipurpose Film
MPID-50Matte Polypro Water Resistant50″ x 100′$64.00AqueousMultipurpose Film
MPID-A-36Matte Polypro with Adhesive36″ x 100′$57.50AqueousMultipurpose Film/Adhesive Vinyl
MPID-A-42Matte Polypro with Adhesive42″ x 100′$63.50AqueousMultipurpose Film /Adhesive Vinyl
LPGH-502Latex Poster Gloss Heavy50″ x 200′$57.00Latex/UVPhoto/Poster Paper
PG10-2410 Mil Aqueous Photo Gloss24″ x 100′$52.00AqueousPhoto/Poster Paper
PG10-3610 Mil Aqueous Photo Gloss36″ x 100′$70.00AqueousPhoto/Poster Paper
PG10-6010 Mil Photogloss Paper60″ x 100′$115.00AqueousPhoto/Poster Paper
PM36-2436# Premium Presentation Matte24″ x 100′$26.50AqueousPhoto/Poster Paper
PTS10-5010 Mil Aqueous Satin Textured Paper50″ x 100′$97.50AqueousPhoto/Poster Paper
SPB8-608 Mil Satin Photobase Paper60″ x 100′$100.00Latex/UV/ Sol/Eco-SolPhoto/Poster Paper
SPP10-3610 Mil Satin Photopaper36″ x 100′$72.00AqueousPhoto/Poster Paper
SPP10-4210 Mil Satin Photopaper42″ x 100′$80.00AqueousPhoto/Poster Paper
OCLC2-602 Mil Optic Clear Cast Laminate60″x 150′$380.00N/APressure Sensitive Laminate
TML6-386 Mil Textured Floor GR. Laminate38″ x 150″$95.00N/APressure Sensitive Laminate
TML6-616 MIL TEXTURED FLOOR GR. LAM.61″ x 150′$152.50N/APressure Sensitive Laminate
SMA-38Standard Two-Sided Print Mount38″ x 200′$177.00N/APressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive
BFWM-54Bubble Free Window Mount54″ x 150′$350.00N/APressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesives
AQWAL13-6013 Mil Fabric with Removable Adhesive60″ x 75′$215.00AqueousWall Graphics
AQWAL7-367 Mill Poly Fabric with Wall Adhesive36″ x 100′$148.50AqueousWall Graphics
BLCKCAN15-5415 Mil Black Wall Removable/Repositional Fabric54″ x 75′$525.00UVWall Graphics
SLVRCAN17-6017 Mil Silver Canvas with Wall Adhesive60″ x 75′$600.00Latex/UV, Sol/Eco-SolWall Graphics

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