Holiday Holographic Window Perf and Beyond

Gans Digital Holographic Perforated Window Vinyl offers stunning visual effects using iridescent finishes and of course the “holographic” prismatic diffraction. Our state of the art modern manufacturing process allows us to create holographic films that are as brilliant and vibrant as chrome yet incredibly durable and cost-effective. Our Holographic perforated vinyl is the only dual liner holographic perf material on … Read More

Print AND Cut or Print THEN Cut?

Cutting media is an essential process for a successful company, whether you are a sign shop, production facility, or design studio. Whether you are starting new or adding to your business, you want to choose the best equipment for your needs. A combination print & cut device can save you money and space in the short run but may not … Read More

Storefront Windows: Perforated Window Vinyl vs Printable Window Film

We all know there are multiple ways to apply graphics to storefront doors and windows. Two main options are Perforated Vinyl (with varying print/hole ratios) and solid films that allow varying degrees of light to shine through. With Perf, image quality is traded for a higher degree of privacy and also for climate control, especially in areas like the Southwestern … Read More

Holographic Window Perf

Gans’ Holographic Perforated Window Vinyl stands out above the rest! Its universally-preferred 60/40 print-surface-to-holes ratio is ideal for storefronts, office buildings, high end hotels and restaurants, as well as vehicles. Its prismatic surface is certain to be eye-catching both in the printed space and the negative space as well. Color shifting imagery catches a viewer’s eye and this product is … Read More

Window Decals

Window decals can prove to be an effective way to grab a customer’s attention. They provide an inexpensive and flexible way to market your clients’ brand and help maximize their advertising dollars. Window decals can be used on vehicles or on store fronts. They can also provide varying degrees of privacy when applied to a store front window. Gans has … Read More