Gans Digital is now selling DuraVibe

Gans Digital is proud to be an exclusive partner and distributer for DuraVibe Latex Fabrics. DuraVibe specialty fabrics are unique in the digital textile marketplace. Their color vibrancy, fabric hand and durability are unprecedented. DuraVibe Fabrics are suitable across a broad range of markets and applications including signage, home furnishings, and apparel. Our specialty fabrics are unique with unprecedented color … Read More

Dye Sublimation Equipment Experts

Let Gans Digital be your Dye Sublimation Equipment Experts! Easily create exquisite graphics for apparel and other items using Dye Sublimation. Dye Sublimation printing is a process in which heat, pressure and time cause inks (dyes) to go from a solid to a gas and then back to a solid again. All synthetic materials such as fabrics, plastics, and metals … Read More