Window Decals

Window decals can prove to be an effective way to grab a customer’s attention. They provide an inexpensive and flexible way to market your clients’ brand and help maximize their advertising dollars. Window decals can be used on vehicles or on store fronts. They can also provide varying degrees of privacy when applied to a store front window. Gans has … Read More

Introducing: iDot Clear

Gans iDot Clear is a 4mil Clear Matte printable film that utilizes Micro-Bead adhesive technology creating a truly reusable, repositionable, and removable bubble-free product. This cost effective and hassle-free material will prove to be an impressive addition to your line of adhesive materials.

Backlit Media

In the wide format and signage industries backlit is a generic description for any graphic that is lit from behind. But the best backlit solution for your specific application will be determined by the products you use to create it. Standard Backlit— A standard backlit is a single layer of ink on a single layer of translucent media. These applications … Read More

Bannerstand Promotion

Right now, if you purchase one of our selected roll-up films, you can save up to 50%. RUF8: 8mil matte polypro roll-up film with gray back This 8mil polypropylene has a specially formulated coating on the backside to force the media to lay flat on both sides. RUF8 has good tear resistance and its smooth matte (microporous top coating) gives … Read More

Roll Up Banner Stands

Traditional roll-up banner stands hold media that is easily stored for later use. Many industries like retail, trade shows, and events look to these easy-to-use display options as simple and efficient solutions. Today, we discuss the staying power of traditional roll-up banner stands. The graphic cassette can be switched out for different events, product launches, and rotating information. Roll-up banner … Read More