What’s the best Window Perf for Vehicles?

Holographic Window Perf — Totally Unique!

Let Gans Digital help break down your options to maximize the look and features of your Perforated Window Vinyl.

Many car wrappers have their go-to wrap vinyl (and we certainly hope that the Gans SRT is up there on the list!) but struggle to lock down a regular window perf for the back and side windows. Choices can depend on the type of vehicle, its main use (i.e. a commercial truck or box van vs. a personal vehicle) and the graphics themselves. While there’s never a perfect flow chart to determine which product works best, here are a couple things to consider.

  • Everyday Personal Car — For most cars that also serve as the driver’s personal vehicle, a 50/50 window perf is usually the best bet. It provides the best visibility, and usually the finished product looks best when the graphic has less detail.
  • Work-Only Car or Truck — For a lot of cars and trucks on the road that are more oriented towards work-only, bolder graphics are usually the way to go. Because of that, we recommend a 60/40 window perf (60% vinyl, 40% holes) which gives a bit more vibrancy to the graphic, and allows for a bit more detail (i.e. smaller print & finer lines).
  • Panel Vans and other Commercial Vehicles — Bold graphics are still the way to go, and in many cases visibility is already limited out the back and / or side windows. In this case, a 70/30 perforated window vinyl may be the best choice. With 70% vinyl coverage, the graphics look stellar, and even finer detail can still look great. Visibility is still quite good, and for some vehicle types this isn’t much of a consideration to begin with. **
  • Do you want to STAND OUT? — Of course you do! That’s why car wrappers should consider our 60/40 Holographic Window Perf! It’s a one-of-a-kind window perf with a unique (and printable) prismatic coating that looks absolutely stunning on vehicles. There’s nothing like it on the market today!

By the way: All of our Window Perfs are printable with Latex, UV, and Solvent/Eco-Solvent inks.

** Of course, Gans encourages all users to research and understand all local, state, and federal laws and regulations when it comes to automobile perforated window vinyl. Different municipalities have different rules, so make sure you are following your local laws!