SENFA Textiles partnering with Gans Digital

Gans Digital will be the Exclusive Provider of the SENFA Decoprint line of textiles in Texas, as well as SENFA SublimisT Backlit Fabrics.

SENFA has partnered with Gans Digital to bring its comprehensive range of textiles to Texas, and to the United States as a whole.

With an exclusive in Texas, Gans Digital is excited to be the industry-leading supplier of direct-to-textile printing of backlit and frontlit fabrics for UV, Latex, and Solvent printers, as well as sublimation fabrics. Check out the Decoprint Pearl Soft, Decoprint Grey Back, and Decoprint Bi-Night, and of course SublimisT!

  • Decoprint Pearl Soft: 100% Polyester, 130 g/m2, Perfect for Backlit Boxes, Trade Shows, and S.E.G. frames
  • Decoprint Grey Back: 100% Polyester, 165 g/m2, Perfect for Frontlit Displays
  • Decoprint Bi-Night: 100% Polyester, 320 g/m2, Perfect Frontlit Blockout Fabric for Double-Sided Prints
  • SublimisT: 100% Polyester, 130 g/m2, Sublimate-able version of Decoprint Pearl Soft

For more info, reach out to our knowledgeable staff today!