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Gans Digital has a wide variety of  floor graphic materials for both indoor and outdoor applications. Floor graphics are a great way to reach customers as they shop, direct traffic, promote an event, create or reinforce brand identity, or even be used to decorate for a special event.

Custom floor graphics and floor decals can catch the attention of potential buyers before a shopping decision is made, giving your clients some input at a critical point in the buying process, unlike any other form of advertising. Directional floor decals can help direct traffic for events or in a busy office or help organize a warehouse.

Custom floor decals can be used for special events, such as logos on a basketball court during a tournament, or special designs, photos or initials on a dance floor at a wedding or party. Since we have floor decal materials for virtually any flooring surface, such as tile, carpet, or concrete, and even some materials that can be repositioned and reused, there is no limit to how you can use this versatile form of advertising.

Good floor graphics and floor decals are slip resistant, and UL listed as such, as well as scratch and scuff resistant so that heavy traffic doesn't ruin them. Floor graphics should also hold up to common floor cleaning chemicals and methods. The floor decal adhesives should hold the floor graphics firmly in place, but come off without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the floor when removed. All our floor decal materials meet these requirements, unlike some of the materials you will find on the market that were not specifically designed for floor use. We have a line up of floor graphics materials that are designed for various lengths of use and for application to various surfaces including carpet and concrete.

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Compatible InksUV & LatexSolvent, UV, Screen, LatexSolvent, UV, Screen, LatexUVSolvent, UV, Screen, LatexSolvent, UV, Screen, LatexSolvent, Thermal, UVUV & Latex
Durability3-12 Months indoor/outdoor3 months on floors 24-36 months on wallsUp to 3 weeks outdoors.ReusableUp to 3 Months indoorsUp to 3 Months indoors24-36 Months on indoor walls. Up to 12 Months indoors.
Roll Sizes24" x 10"
48" x 33'
48" x 100'
24" x 10"
48" x 33'
48" x 100'
27" x 10'
54" x 33'
54" x 100'
29" x 10'
60" x 82'
27" x 10'
54" x 33'
54" x 100'
27" x 10'
54" x 33'
54" x 100'
27" x 10'
54" x 33'
54" x 100'
30" x 10'
60" x 50'
Applied Thickness23 Mil14 Mil23 Mil95 Mil20 Mil20 Mil9 Mil40 Mil
Indoor UseExposed Brick Walls, Smooth and Uneven SurfacesCarpet, Tile, Wood, Metal, Sealed Concrete Carpet, Tile, Wood, Metal, Smooth ConcreteTile, Sealed Concrete, Ideal in WET placesTile, Sealed Concrete, Ideal in WET placesWalls and Most Flat SurfacesIndoor and floor surfaces
Outdoor UseAsphalt, Concrete, Stone, Brick, Concrete pillars, Brick WallsSmooth Concrete, Sealed WoodAsphalt, Concrete, Stone, BrickAsphalt, Concrete, Stone, Brick, Concrete pillars, Brick Walls    
Can be used on Walls    
Common UsesSports Arenas, Race Tracks, Parades, Retail Stores, Marathons, Bike eventsTrade Shows, Retail Stores, Wayfinding, POP, Short Term OutdoorsMarathons, Parades, Retail Stores, Mall Graphics, Canvas PrintsPOP, Events, Tradeshows, Pools, Golf Ponds, FountainsRetail POP, Directional and Safety SignageRetail POP, Directional and Safety SignageEvents, Safety, and Promo Signage, Wayfinding, Retail StoresCounter Mats, Wayfinding, POP, Indoor Floors 
ASTM D-2047                 

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AAFG-24 24" x 10'$90TEXWKFG-2324" x 10'$47SPWKFG-2727" x 10'$43
AAFG-483348" x 33'$661TEXWKFG-488248" x 82'$450SPWKFG-5433
54" x 33'$348
AAFG-4810048" x 100'$2,004TEXWKFG-4816448" x 164'$752SPWKFG-54100
54" x 100'$1053

SOFTWLK-29 29" x 10'$60CTWKFG-2727" x 10'$40CLWKFG-2727" x 10'$40
SOFTWLK-608260" x 82'$820CTWKFG-543354" x 33'$303CTWKFG-5433
54" x 33'$303

54" x 100'$900CTWKFG-54100
54" x 100'$900

GLOBRITE-2727" x 10'$55KPHD-FT-3030" x 10'$57FGL23-2727" x 10'$53
GLOBRITE-545054" x 50'$439KPHD-FT-6050
60" x 50'$488FGL23-5450
54" x 50'$365
54" x 150'
30" x 10'$57FGL23-54100
54" x 100'$675

60" x 50'

All of these materials come with a BULK discount on orders larger than 20 rolls. We also offer a price match guarantee contact sales@gansdigital.com or 1-800-421-6167 for more information.

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