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Banner  stands are not just  for trade shows and conventions. Banner stands are an easily portable type of display that are commonly used for advertising and/or information at events, retail stores, press conferences, presentations or any place you need a portable, professional looking display that is quick and easy to set up and take down.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Media can be printed with UV Printers, Latex Printers, and Solvent Printers
  • Works with grommets

Gans Digital has every type of Banner Material that will work great for your client’s next project!

Options to chose from:

Grey Back

  • JETUP-BC $0.99
  • RUF8-GB $0.32
  • SRUF9GB $0.33
  • SSPID-GB $0.30

Non- Curl

  • JETTEX $0.97
  • JETUP $0.89
  • JETUP-BC $0.99
  • JET550 $0.56
  • PUM11-GB $0.42

Low Cost

  • SSPID $0.26
  • MB13 $0.19
  • GB13 $0.19
  • DSBO16 $0.25

Banners and banner stands come in all shapes, sizes, and materials these days. Our materials are also great for:

  • Pop up fabric banners
  • Table throws and runners
  • Feather and teardrop flags
  • Custom flags
  • Tension fabric displays
  • Modular banners
  • Giant Outdoor Banner Display
  • Indoor/outdoor hanging banners
  • Retractable banners
  • Large Adjustable Banner Displays
  • X-Frame banners
  • Mesh vinyl banners
  • Ceiling and window poster hangers
  • Curved/Straight Trade Show Displays
  • Curved Table Top Display
  • Retractable banners
  • Retractable banner pens

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Dickson Materials

For over 50 years, Dickson Coatings has been producing and supplying PVC coated fabrics around the world. Gans is proud to be Dickson Coatings’ exclusive partner in several US Markets.

Dickson Products are renowned for their weldability and flexibility. Dickson’s expertise, precise manufacturing, uncompromising choice of raw materials and rigorous quality control provide total satisfaction throughout the life of the fabric.

Available Dickson Material:

  • JET550
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Roll-Up Film

A 100% Polypropylene material with a grey back, lay flat coating for additional opacity. These product are ideal for a multitude of applications including trade show graphics, POP displays, long term indoor banners and short term outdoor banners. It is a cost effective alternative to polyester materials, and have a bright white finish and micro-porous coating, creating greater color contrast than similar products.


8 Mil Matte Roll Up Film w/Grey Back. Comes in 36”x100’ and 60”x100’ rolls.
(Aqueous, Latex, UV)


11 Mil Matte Roll Up Film w/Grey Back Non-Edge Curl. Comes in 36”x75’ and 60”x75’ rolls.
(Aqueous, Latex, UV)


9 Mil Textured Satin Roll Up Film w/Grey Back LOW EDGE CURL. Comes in 36”x150’, 54”x150’, and 60”x150’ rolls.
(Aqueous, Latex, UV)

Satin Polypropylene:

This hybrid film creates a perfect stay-flat, low-cost banner stand solution. This can also be used in environments where excessive light is an issue, as it is available with a dark gray back for complete opacity. Smooth, matte finish for no-glare images. Water resistant and durable.


8 Mil Satin Polypropylene Film that comes in 36” x 100’ & 60″ x 100′ rolls.


1000 x 1000 BANNER


A premium 13 oz. front-lit banner material. Its 1000 x 1000 denier creates a high strength and tear resistant banner. The fire retardant coating allows it to be used in all environments. Available in matte and gloss finishes.


13 oz. 1000×1000 Matte Banner that comes in 38” x 150’, 54″ x 150′, & 63″ x 150′ rolls.


13 oz. 1000×1000 GLoss Banner that comes in 38” x 150’, 54″ x 150′, & 63″ x 150′ rolls.



A flexible PVC scrim banner material, it is smooth on both sides and offers dual-side printability. The bright white finish increases image pop, and it is scratch resistant and highly water resistant, as well as fire retardant.


2-Sided Smooth Blockout Matte Banner that comes in 38” x 100’, 54″ & 100′ & 60″ x 100′ rolls.

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For more information or to take advantage of our everyday low prices contact Bill Day at or call us at 210-886-8236.