Dickson Fabrics | 2018 SGIA Product of the Year | Indoor and Outdoor Textiles

Los Angeles, California- Gans Digital is proud to announce our partnership with Dickson Coatings has nabbed us the two of our four SGIA 2018 Product of the Year Awards. 

This year the products that SGIA decided to award was Jet 550 and Jet Tex.


The Jet 550 material is a coated material substantially stronger than the Laminated PVC's used in budget products by our competitors. It has a smooth surface on once side for single sided applications and front-lit situations.

Jet 550 can be finished as a simple banner with hems and eyelets but is is also commonly used as a semi-structural material in applications such as banner masts and wall mounted systems where the requirement to last for an extended period of time is critical.

JET TEX  offers something new in the world of decoration with the EverGreen Fabrics.  Jet Tex represents an eco-friendly alternative to the materials traditionally used in the interior design markets. It represents the ideal fabric for the wall covering market.

JET TEX can either be stretched over a frame or pasted on like a wall paper.  JET TEX is most often used to decorate restaurants, shops, offices, public places (schools, canteens,hospitals …) and to personalize the decoration of private homes.


We have a wide variety of Dickson products at fantastic prices. Our wide format specialist can help you chose the right products for your clients. Budget conscious? We have preferred partner and bulk pricing available, as well. Contact our Media Sales Manager Josh Cormany at 800-421-6167 to set-up a preferred partner account.

JET 550

Jet 550 is a PVC coated  frontlit fabric that is printable on 1 side by digital printing using solvent, UV and Latex inks.  Jet 550 is very mechanically strong which makes it well suited for use as advertising banners, kakemonos, wall coverings, advertising displays and outdoor signage.

JET550-54560 g/m² PVC Coated Frontlit Fabric98′ 54”
JET550-126560 g/m² PVC Coated Frontlit Fabric197′ 126”


Jet Tex* is a 270gm eco-friendly fabric from the Evergreen Fabrics range that is flame retardant and printable on 1 side by digital printing using solvent, UV and Latex inks.

JETTEX-54270 g/m2 Polyester fabric with EverGreen coating164′54”
JETTEX-124270 g/m2 Polyester fabric with EverGreen coating197′124”

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After evaluating a record-setting field of 255 submissions, judges of the 2018 Product of the Year Competition selected 68 winning products, the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) announced today.

"This year's competition was tight. A number of categories were decided by five points or less because of the quality of the submissions,” said Ray Weiss, Director of Digital Print Programs, SGIA. “This was a very exciting year for the Product of the Year competition."

This year’s competition included 68 categories — over a third more than last year’s field of 49. Additions include Digital Inks — Industrial and Packaging, Large-Format Scanners (Flat or Roll), 3D Printers and Single-Pass Printers.

"The competition is bigger than ever, and with the additional 19 categories it encompasses even more of the industry. You will want to visit the Golden Image/Product of the Year Gallery at the Expo so you can see all of the entries for yourself," said Weiss. 

The Golden Image/Product of the Year Gallery can be found in Hall C2 at the back of the show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Winners will receive their Product of the Year jewels at a special presentation the evening before the 2018 SGIA Expo (Las Vegas, October 18–20) opens.