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Backlit printing is a great tool to grab the attention of your prospective customers. Backlit display signs are lit from behind giving you a great color depth and more vibrant color that demands attention. Backlit film printing is used in various types of advertising: most well-known are movie posters and informational maps.

Other great backlit film applications are :

  • Backlit banners
  • Lightbox signage and graphics
  • Exhibition panels and special effects displays
  • Transit graphics
  • Display systems
  • High resolution posters
Backlit Matte Film

The matte microporous top coat allows for heavy ink saturation and deep, dense blacks. The coating also creates a fast dry time and is water resistant. Bright colors and stable greys allow graphics to “pop” with every type of backlit box. Designed for Latex/UV.

BF99 Mil Premium Backlit Matte Film150’ 36”$100.00*

8 Mil Solvent Backlit Film

This coated PET film has a low-glare satin top coating or matte finish that dries quickly and produces dense blacks and vivid colors that will pop with any light box. It is primarily used for outdoor displays and is scratch resistant. Can be laminated for further protection. Designed for Solvent/Eco-Solvent.



8 Mil Premium Backlit Gloss Film100′36”$72.50*
SBM88 Mil Premium Backlit Matte Film100′60”$205.00*

To choose the appropriate backlit film for producing graphics for light projection displays, sign shops should first consider four critical parameters: calculation (amount), location (where), application (how) and duration (longevity). This information will determine the best methodology for producing the graphic and determine the appropriate type of backlit film. Gans recommends using a matte backlit film when sign makers are looking to textured, luster finishes for the construction of backlits. And for a more vibrant “Hollywood” feel to use gloss backlit film. Poly-carbonates are reverse printed and then viewed through the backlit film or from the non-print side. Polyester films are available with a textured finish on the viewing side of the film.


Once the backlit has been produced, it is critical to properly finish it. Regardless of the backlit film chosen, cold pressure laminates are recommended for backlit films. For outdoor backlit applications, lamination with encapsulation is the best way to ensure complete water-fastness. With semi opaque films, the use of a diffusion layer typically provided with the actual lightbox will increase overall density to the image. Additionally, clear films require a diffusion layer to avoid hot spots. Backlit film gives emphasis to the power of light and is perfect for catching the eye of your prospective customers. Our backlit films are the highest quality translucent graphic film on the market today. With backlit film, you can create stunning, illuminated displays. Contact Gans Digital today to get the best prices on our end-of-the-year backlit clearance event.

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