Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics are an underused revenue opportunity for digital printers. The key to ensuring a successful install is to understand which media to use based on the final application. To maximize success, one must take into account the location of the graphic, the desired durability, and the lifespan of the graphic.

Surface and foot traffic are two major factors unique to floor graphics. You must consider the environment and its intended lifespan, as well as the customer’s expectations. Carefully evaluate the media available for different types of surfaces—including smooth, rough, or grained—and exposure conditions such as sunlight and other weather considerations.

The decision for whether a graphic needs to be removable or permanent is based on customer expectations and the nature of the application. You need to speak with your customer and understand where the graphic will be placed. The success of your graphic will be most affected by it’s location! There is a huge difference if the graphic goes down on the floor in a grocery store for a temporary promotion, the carpet of a convention center, or long-term on a basketball court.

A graphic’s durability is dependent on the product and application. Lifespan range is from one week to one year for most products and a floor graphic’s durability is directly affected by foot traffic.  Laminates can protect a print up to four times longer than without laminate, so  it is important to use lamination in high-traffic areas.

Floor Graphics offer an eye catching and profitable way to utilize unused space. From supermarkets to subways, these unique applications provide a pop of color and excitement to everyday locations.  Contact Gans Wide Format specialists today and we will be happy to give you more information on how to maximize your profits using Floor Graphics.



14 Mil, Slip-Resistant Fabric

A fabric reinforced, non-slip PVC with a matte finish, perfect for walkable areas . Easy to install and to remove with little to no residue. The media will adhere to most indoor surfaces and to smooth outdoor surfaces. Durable up to 3 months on floors, 1-3 months on outdoor sidewalk applications, and 24-36 months on indoor walls.


23 Mil Asphalt Art, Slip-Resistant

Commercial grade, slip resistant media for numerous outdoor and indoor walking surfaces. The adhesive allows for easy application to curved, edged, and rough surfaces. Best suited for concrete, asphalt, stone, metal, and other common walking surfaces.



6 Mil Textured Matte Floor Laminate

A different approach using a two-material system, i.e. a more standard and cost-effective Adhesive Vinyl, such as Gans’ MBFAVR in conjunction with the textured floor laminate (TML6). The TML6 has UL Slip-resistant rating giving the finished product the same slip-resistance as the other two products mentioned above.

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