Do you love using magnetics in your signage applications because they save time during installation and de-installation? But then do you also hate the high cost of materials that are often thrown away after the event?

Well now you don’t have to! Gans is proud to introduce XBase, which is the very first 2-part magnetic alternative that can be installed at the store level almost as easily as magnetic receptive media, but at a fraction of the cost.

Just like the “magnetic wall” solutions currently available, you simply apply a sheet of adhesive XBase over your wall, window, or board like you would with a magnetic paint or adhesive magnet material, EXCEPT our material is NOT MAGNETIC. XBase is a proprietary and revolutionary new material that makes your wall, window, or board a BUBBLE-FREE installation area with the ULTRA-REMOVABILITY of ANY permanent vinyl of your choice. No longer do you have to pay for “specialty” adhesives or expensive magnetic receptive media. Simply print your standard permanent non-bubble-free adhesive vinyl and apply it to your XBase wall, window, or board.

It’s that easy!

XBase is available in white and clear in 54” x 164’ rolls.

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