Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings

Wall covering media is one of the most fundamental parts of a digital printer’s arsenal. The specific type of media you choose is based on a variety of factors and Gans Digital has media that will fit any occasion. Whether the artwork will be featured inside or outside or if you require fabric, paper, vinyl, or film, Gans has the right media for your projects.

Wall covering media is used in a variety of settings. Traditionally used in commercial settings, Wall coverings have seen a rise in the residential market as technological improvements have lowered the price point to something that everyday users can afford.



Fabric is used primarily in indoor based applications and typically provides the user with a more upscale look. It is therefore the right type of media for discerning clients with projects that require a more dignified feel. Fabrics are designed to provide outstanding color consistency, excellent image sharpness and a wide color range.


WALLFAB13 13 Mil Heavyweight Matte Fabric w/Removable and Reusable Adhesive. Comes in 36”x75’ and 60”x75’ rolls.


Wall films are designed to hold exquisite color with high saturation, often for large area wall decorations. Films are also more flexible and easier to manipulate on curved surfaces.


iDot is a 4mil printable film (available as Glossy White or Matte Clear) that utilizes Micro-Bead adhesive technology creating a truly reusable, repositionable, and removable bubble-free product. This cost effective and hassle-free material will prove to be an impressive addition to your line of adhesive materials. Click here for more information.



Vinyl has many uses but it is a good product for commercial applications, such as hospitality, restaurants, or retail. Vinyl has qualities like durability, flame, stain, and scratch resistance.
Our selection of Vinyl materials are designed with the highest quality, high-tech adhesives and air release channels for bubble free installs.


One product that stands out is GCV2 – a 2 Mil Gloss Cast Print Vinyl with Air Release & Grey Back that comes in 54″ x 150′ and 60″ x 150′ rolls.


Paper is a more cost effective solution for your printing needs. Paper accepts heavier ink loads, allowing for a rich color gamut, true blacks, and smooth, realistic skin tones.


VWUP is a Printable Latex Saturated Wallpaper Stock, that comes Pasted or Un-Pasted in 54”x150’ rolls.


If you are in the wall covering business you know how profitable it can be. If you aren’t yet, contact Gans today and one of our Sales Representatives will work with you to find the right products for you.

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