The Gans NAWP 80/20 is a Window Perf designed to expand the functionality and capabilities of window signage. It is uniquely suited for application inside of buildings with the image facing out, without the need of multiple layer printing. Now second floor and even entire buildings can have window perf without the need of a cherry picker for installation. Weather, cleaning, and laminating are unnecessary as the glass protects the image. It is remarkably easy to install.

Gans NAWP prints in your latex, solvent, or UV printer and has a release liner to protect the printer from ink pass-thorugh. When the release liner is removed, there is no adhesive layer to the media at all. Instead, you have a semi-rigid material that is easy to handle and place. On the print side apply 2-sided tape with a simple applicator to the top and bottom edges and sides as necessary. Start at the top and press the image into the window.

Vinyl window perf has more waste and requires skilled installers for a good application. Windows do not need to be washed before using Gans NAWP. There is no worry about solvents reacting with the adhesive layer or the window being too hot to be applied. Gans NAWP can be placed in any window with ease at any size. The bright white finish creates a wide color gamut.